Zack Gilyana
11 Posts Seen online 1 hour ago

Zack Gilyana

11 Posts Seen online 1 hour ago

Formilla Edge: Getting Started With Email Messaging

In this post, we’ll be looking at how you can send emails to your contacts using Formilla.  You can send email messages to

How to Enable Real-Time Website Visitor Alerts

Many of us who run websites would like to be alerted the moment a visitor arrives on our pages, in real time. Real-time visit

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

The Formilla WordPress Live Chat plugin is used by thousands of WordPress and WooCommerce websites today.  It is one of the

Shopify Live Chat Installation Guide

The Formilla Live Chat Shopify app is a 5-star rated live chat app for your Shopify eCommerce store.  Start to chat with yo

Formilla Edge Has Arrived

Use Formilla Edge widgets to grow your email list by over 200%, build your Facebook and Twitter following, and create powerfu

Customization & Language Support

The customization and language support feature is available with any of our Premium package offerings. You have

Customize And Theme Your Live Chat Widgets

Customize and theme multiple aspects of your chat widgets to match your site’s look and feel when using any of our Premium

Magento Live Chat Extension Installation

Note:  Our extension for Magento is currently not available in the marketplace.  Please install the live chat script manual

Volusion Live Chat Installation Guide

Looking for affordable Live Chat Software for your Volusion store? This installation guide will help you install

Joomla Live Chat Module Now Available

We've just released our Joomla live chat extension module for your Joomla-powered website! Begin enjoying the benefits of liv