Customize And Theme Your Live Chat Widgets

Customize and theme multiple aspects of your chat widgets to match your site’s look and feel by signing up for a Premium account today. Change the colors of the live chat button/widget, offline “Email us” button/widget, background colors, upload custom icons, etc. You can also move the position of the live chat widget (e.g. bottom left, bottom right, or flip it to the left or right side). In addition to these features, you can upload online and offline live chat images for use in your site’s Header or Footer, include custom Attention Grabbers to engage your customers, and advanced users can override default CSS for the live chat button and attention grabbers for more control.

Below you’ll find multiple screenshots showing just some of the ways you can customize your chat widgets and the flexibility this feature offers via the admin panel. It also works well with our customization and language support options which come with your Premium account as well. If you still have questions, catch us online or email us at and we’ll get back to you right away.

Custom Appearance Example admin panel; where the creativity begins 🙂

custom attention grabber examples
Examples of custom Attention Grabbers and a chat button with the ability to upload your own custom icon.

Multiple chat form examples with customized language text and colors.

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