Proactive chat is one of the most important features of a live chat system. It allows you to engage with your customers automatically without you needing to do anything. Once you set it up, proactive chat (auto-display) will automatically trigger a chat request with your website visitors after any number of seconds you consider appropriate. Use our Live Chat web dashboard, or iPhone, iPad, and Android apps to respond to customers if they chat back. With proactive chat, you’ll see your live chat engagement go through the roof!

Formilla Live Chat customers have experienced anywhere from 40 to 125% increases in user engagement by enabling proactive chat on their live chat widgets. For example, one of our Shopify customers experienced over 100% customer engagement response as compared with manually waiting for customers to request a chat, simply by asking an open ended question. Matter of fact, e-commerce websites in particular using platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Open Cart consistently see much higher customer engagement scores using proactive chat. More customer engagement equals more sales when you’re selling stuff online!

To take advantage of proactive chat today, login to your Formilla account and choose from the menu as follows: Hover over Live Chat –> choose Customize Chat Widgets then select the edit icon of your widget and check ‘Enable Auto Display’ from the Advanced Options tab. You’ll then see options to configure how long before the proactive chat trigger will display to your customers, including what message to automatically display (see options below). If you’re not sure what message to use for your proactive chat, you can always A/B test different messages to see which ones promote customers to start chats more often.


In the instances you want to manually engage with a customer, you can use the request chat functionality from the live chat dashboard (watch the Real-time Monitoring Tutorial video Zack put together). For example, if your customer is on the checkout page or is visiting your FAQ or help center you can simply ask them if they need help or provide some other custom message depending on your use case. Also, If you’re a smaller business that does not receive very much traffic, we especially recommend tailoring your messages by using the request a chat feature in conjunction with Real-time Website Visitor Alerts. This way you’ll know when visitors come to your website right away and can immediately request a custom tailored chat with them.

Proactive chat comes with every Formilla Live Chat account including Standard (free) and Premium packages! Real-time website alerts via desktop or mobile is a Premium upgrade however. Read about our Features and Pricing to learn more.

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