Formilla Live Chat

Features & Pricing


  • Standard

    Free No Cost For Life
    • 1 Chat Agent
    • 1 Website
    • 1 Concurrent Chat
    • 30 Chats/Emails
    • + See Features Below
  • Premium

    $ 11.99 Per Month / 1st Agent Each extra agent is 30% off Buy yearly for another 20% off
    • Mobile Apps
    • Real-time Visitor Monitoring
    • Custom Language & Appearance
    • Unlimited chats & offline emails
    • Canned Messages (Saved Replies)
    • + Everything in Standard

15 Days Free Trial. No credit card required.

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  • Live Chats & Offline Emails per month

  • 30 per month

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited
  • Simultaneous Live Chats
    Number of customers you can live chat with at the same time.

  • 1

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited
  • Number of Live Chat Widgets
    Create more than one live chat widget to support multiple languages, use different colors and text on pages of your site, and more!

  • 1

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited
  • Chat via Web Interface or Windows Desktop App
    Chat agents can use our intuitive web interface or Windows desktop app to handle multiple simultaneous chats. Stay logged in all the time and make it easy to respond to your visitors.
  • Chat via iPhone/iPad and Android Devices
    Chat via your mobile device by using our iPhone/iPad or Android apps! Install our app and simply login to your Formilla account to stay in touch with customers from anywhere!
  • New Features and Upgrades
    Get all the latest features as we continue to add new functionality for no extra charge!
  • Real-time Visitor Monitoring
    View the most active visitors on your site in real-time, and request a chat with any of them! You see each visitor's page URL, referring site, new user vs. returning, and more. See it in action!
  • Integrations
    Integrate with Zapier to connect with 500+ of your favorite apps, including email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, CRMs like Pipedrive, and ticket systems such as Zendesk. We also directly support Infusionsoft's CRM software, where you can automatically post live chat transcripts and offline email submissions into your Infusionsoft CRM.
  • Customize Banners, Colors, & Themes
    Customize your chat widgets to match your site's look and feel. Change the color of the chat button/widget, chat message and font color, backgrounds, etc. Upload your own online and offline live chat images to use in your header, footer, etc. to encourage customers to live chat! Learn more...
  • Language Support (International)
    Customize the text of your chat button/widget in any language of your choice! Easily customize the English text or modify it to read in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese, Indonesian, and much more! Learn more...
  • Attention Grabber with Custom Images
    Use an Attention Grabber to get the attention of your visitors! Upload a custom image with your picture or any other message you'd like to communicate. Get creative and use it for marketing promotions too!
  • Advanced Customization Control
    The ability to stretch the width and height of the chat button, add an image to it such as your logo, and control the location down to the pixel! You get access to the CSS for the Chat Button and Attention Grabber to make it look perfect!
  • Move Chat Button Location
    Easily move the position of the "Chat with us" and "Email us" buttons and forms to the bottom left or right of your website with our customization options.
  • Canned Messages (Saved Replies)
    Create Canned Messages to respond to customers very quickly! Simply save the full message as a shortcut, and use it to send responses in less than a second!
  • Remove "Powered by" Branding
    We provide the ability to remove branding from your chat widget, upon request.
  • Chat Departments
    Organize chat agents into departments such as Sales or Billing, and assign which departments can receive chats for a given chat widget. By default, all agents within your account will receive chats.
  • Google Analytics Integration
    Integrate Formilla with Google Analytics to track multiple Live Chat events, such as how many visitors started chats, how many leads were captured, etc. This feature provides valuable information to learn more about how your marketing campaigns are performing.
  • Banned Visitors
    Ban abusive visitors from accessing your live chat widgets. Banned visitors will not see your widgets and will not appear on your visitor dashboard or trigger any sound or desktop alerts.
  • Smart Messages
    Target visitors like never before! With Smart Messages, you can automatically display custom messages to your website visitors in many different scenarios. Learn more...
  • Proactive Chat
    Connect with your customers proactively. You'll see improved customer engagement and ultimately more sales! Configure the number of seconds before a chat starts and customize the message displayed to website visitors. Learn more...
  • Auto-Responder
    For example, if a visitor submits a chat request and you're unable to respond in 60 seconds, you can automatically respond and mention you'll be able to help momentarily, or ask the user to leave their contact information to follow-up as soon as you're available.
  • User/Agent is Typing a Message...
    Now, you don't need to wonder if the person you're chatting with is even on the other end! Formilla Live Chat keeps visitors and agents informed if the User or Agent is typing a message. This improves usability and makes conversations more enjoyable.
  • Powerful Chat Notifications
    Don't miss a chat again! When using the web interface, agents will receive sound notifications and the browser page title will blink. Also, agents can enable Desktop Notifications for Chrome, Firefox, & Safari for even more convenience. Note: IE doesn't currently support Desktop Notifications.
  • Offline Email Form
    The offline email form is displayed automatically when you're offline. Enable notifications to come to you directly or access them all from the Customer Inbox/Help Desk.
  • Customer Inbox/Help Desk
    The Customer Inbox/Help Desk provides the ability to prioritize, sort, assign, and filter offline email submissions and chat messages. Also, access user information such as operating system, browser, screen resolution, IP Address, etc.
  • Ticket Search / Organization
    Offline email submissions and chat transcripts are created as tickets in the Customer Inbox. You can prioritize as low, medium, or high priority. You can also search by customer email address, priority, status, or "assigned to".
  • Chat Transcripts
    View your chat transcripts from within the Customer Inbox/Help Desk solution or simply sign up for email notifications to receive them directly.
  • Chat Queue will automatically queue chat session requests if your agents are busy with other customers. Your visitors will know what position they are in the queue with automatic updates as their position changes.
  • Custom Fields
    Custom fields can be passed to such as account and customer numbers, phone, email, name, etc. This information neatly ties back to the Customer Inbox/Help Desk solution and can be viewed at any time.
  • Reply / Forward Offline Emails
    The Customer Inbox/Help Desk has Reply and Forward functionality and tracks all communications on the Communications tab of each ticket. You can add internal comments to each ticket for your staff to reference as well.
  • Export Email Data
    Export all offline email submissions into CSV format to easily import the data into any system supporting CSV format.
  • Email Templates
    Improve your response times with email templates (canned responses). Configure any number of templates for any situation! You can also setup a default Auto-response, Reply, and Forward template for the Customer Inbox.
  • Reports
    All of our accounts come equipped with reporting capabilities. Capture the number of offline submissions you receive along with user reports for detailed breakdowns of operating system in use, screen resolution, browser, and more!
  • Dashboard
    With drag-and-drop ability, get a snapshot of the total number of offline email submissions you received in the Customer Inbox/Help Desk, your chat widgets, and multiple report widgets. We're also adding more widgets!
  • Hours of Operation
    Set hours of operation and your chat widget will appear online during the time frame specified. Your chat widget will appear offline outside of your configured settings and collect offline email submissions in the Customer Inbox.
  • Secure Chat (SSL)
    Secure your chat conversations with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). A must have for ecommerce sites especially!
  • Email Support
    Our support is lightning fast. Simply reach us via email at or start a chat with us while we're online if you're having issues with your account or have questions about our account packages!
  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available along with a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will reach out to you and help you with anything you need to get started right away!

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