OpenCart 2.0 Formilla Live Chat Install

This installation guide will help you install the Live Chat Software Module on your OpenCart store almost instantly. Don’t overpay for other live chat software when you can pay a fraction of what others charge and still expect the same excellent service. Begin enjoying the benefits of live chat on your OpenCart website and help answer questions and quickly support your customers.

  1. First, download the Live Chat module for OpenCart 2.0 from the OpenCart extension directory. Once downloaded, unzip and merge the “admin” and “catalog” directories into your corresponding OpenCart admin and catalog directories. Next, navigate to your OpenCart Administration panel and hover over the puzzle icon to choose Modules. Click the + sign to install the Formilla Live Chat module as seen below. OpenCart Formilla Live Chat module Install
  2. Now that you’ve installed the module, you’ll see the success message at the top of the screen and can click the pencil icon to configure the settings for the live chat module as shown below:OepnCart Formilla Live Chat Settings
  3. Configure the Formilla Live Chat module as shown below.  If you do not have a account, sign up for a Standard (free) or Premium account and use the Chat ID you receive via email.  Be sure to set the status to Enabled and Save:OpenCart Formilla Live Chat Configuration
  4. Now you’re ready to add the Formilla Live Chat button to your OpenCart site. From your OpenCart admin panel, hover over the gears icon to choose Design –> Layouts. You should arrive at the page below and can now choose the template or layouts to display the chat button. Simply click the pencil icon for each section of your site as desired. For example, edit the Home layout:OpenCart Formilla Live Chat Layout Configuration
  5. To finish installing the Formilla Live Chat button to your OpenCart site, click the + icon and make the selections for Module Formilla Live Chat in the Content Bottom Position as seen below. Don’t forget to click the Save button when complete:OpenCart Formilla Live Chat Button Installation
  6. That’s it! Congrats, you should see the live chat button on your OpenCart store and can initiate a chat with yourself as your first test! If you’re having any trouble, check out the help center or simply reach us at Formilla Live Chat Button Installed

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