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About Us was co-founded in 2010 by Tawer Gilyana and Zaia Gilyana, twin brothers with backgrounds in technology and business. Tawer and Zaia were born and raised in Chicago, IL and recently relocated to sunny San Diego, CA

Tawer Gilyana, Co-Founder

Tawer has over 10 years of website/digital industry experience and a degree in Computer Information Systems. He has always had a knack for business and a fascination with the idea of being able to create a product or service that people find extremely valuable. Formilla was born as a result of this passion and the desire to bring significant products & services to the digital space.

Tawer has implemented numerous websites using a variety of content management systems and complex ecommerce requirements as well. His extensive background covers many areas, including programming, digital strategy, project management, and online marketing for clients large and small. He has led various projects end-to-end in industries such as government, B2C and B2B ecommerce, professional sports, associations, and more. He loves to brainstorm with clients to learn each particular business/industry and find various opportunities for increasing sales and reducing costs. He looks at things very objectively and makes recommendations for our clients as if he's making them for his own business. He believes Formilla will only succeed if its clients succeed.

  • Read about Tawer's interests

    Aside from work, which doesn't qualify as a hobby unfortunately, Tawer enjoys spending his time doing the following things:

    • Running at the beach
    • Basketball and Tennis
    • Dining out at every good restaurant he can find
    • Loves a good poker tournament
    • Dreaming up new ideas (is this work?)
    • Besides that, any other interests were borderline embarrassing to share publicly :)

Zaia Gilyana, Co-Founder

We thought about simply copying Tawer's profile here as well, since Zaia's background is not-so-shockingly similar. What else would you expect from twins, right? We tried to make it sound different if you didn't notice :)

Zaia also has over 10 years of industry experience ranging from website & mobile development to large scale ecommerce/PCI expertise. He has an extensive background leading teams at Fortune 500 companies. Zaia is someone with strong business acumen and the common sense to make the proper recommendations for our clients and for Formilla. Zaia has a degree in Computer Information Systems with a career that initially focused on programming and eventually shifted into management. Zaia's strong suits include online business strategy, project management, and operations. If you own a business and need an expert to provide all the right recommendations to increase online sales, expand marketing initiatives, or streamline back-office operations, his impact is immediately noticeable and his combination of skills is rare.

So, is that different enough? We didn't think so either!

  • Read about Zaia's interests

    Zaia enjoys some of the same pastimes, but with a few extras thrown in:

    • Running at the beach
    • Any other reason to go to the beach to soak up some more sun
    • Also loves playing poker tournaments
    • A good UFC match tends to get his attention lately
    • Apple fanatic. He probably has all of their products!
    • Finance has always been an interest. The stock market gets his blood flowing and having CNBC playing in the background keeps him awake while others would fall asleep
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