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Formilla is now offering Buttonizer for FREE to simplify the creation of conversion buttons and
advanced dynamic floating content. Join over 80,000 websites using Buttonizer!
  • Choose from 50+ different on-click actions including Click-to-Call, Chat, SMS & Email
  • Customizable Contact Form Widget for when you're not available to chat
  • Visitors can chat with you via WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and 10+ other channels
  • Trigger popups to open on button click (e.g. discount popup, newsletter signup, etc.)​
  • Create floating menus with highly relevant actions tailored to each page
  • Social Sharing buttons for FB, TikTok, X, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and more
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If you have a Premium Formilla subscription, you're eligible for a FREE Buttonizer Growth license.
Simply sign up for Buttonizer and reach out to our support team to activate your license.
Create Dynamic Converting Menus
Buttonizer Overview Video

Contact Form Widget

  • Lead capture

    Capture leads while you're not available to Live Chat
  • Easy setup

    Configure it in seconds with customizable form components
  • Page Rules

    Control which pages the contact form will be available
  • Email Notifications

    Get notified via email whenever visitors submit the form
  • Dual Options

    Give visitors the ability to choose if they want to email vs. chat

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